Friday, November 24, 2017

Another lie

Here is another post by Wayne McAlpine perpetuating  a lie about a hard drive that I allegedly sent him. He only came up with story in 2016. I originally made my comment about his dubious businesses in 2009!!!!

The façade of the Innovation Place is just that, a façade, Wayne McAlpine has and never had any connection with the University of Saskatewan. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

So much for being a coackroach

While I think posting screenshots of webpages a "cheap shot", one that clearly shows that the person making such a post has not imagination to take the information and present it in their own format, I am making an exception in this case.

As I have said I have no denials on whether I have used an alias in the past and you may conclude that what  had posted or communicated with the parties involved was constructed by me to attack the good character of certain individuals (if you know these individuals you will know that I didn't make it up!). However, I cannot see that I am "scurrying away like a cockroach" because the "light is being shined on" me.

Quite the contrary. If Wayne McAlpine thinks that his pathetic attempts to show me as the antagonist in this matter he is much mistaken.

Something I recieved 9 December 2016

Below is the contents of an email that I received from a person from Wayne McAlpine's past.

I have left my first name in the original email as I am pretty sure the person who is reading this will know it already. I have also left the spelling errors.

Hi Martin, I hope you receive this okay.  I had every intention of replying to you yesterday on my personal email but had gotten busy.  Our correspondence wasn't related to business so i though i would move to private email.

Yes, we are very aware of Mr McAlpine.  This is why I felt it necessary to speak with you.  

To be honest, from your earlier email, the concerns you expressed with regards to meeting by phone were shared by me, also.

I can assure you, Core Data and everyone here, are not associated to Mr McAlpine.  This was one of the reasons i wanted to meet with you by phone.  For all we know, you too could be Mr McAlpine masquerading as whom ever.

- Best I can tell, not really following names and circumstance - this debacle between you and Mr. McAlpine have been going on for a few years now.  We hear little bits every now and then but i haven't spent enough time on-line to read the full story.

There many things that I personally could clear up for you as well as express a deep concern that a few of us here have with some falsehoods being expressed on the tech muse or tempisfugit (sp?) site.  To be clear we believe the inaccuracies to be no fault of your own.  You can only go on what you know from what information you have available, i understand that.

If I am speaking with Martin, you really need to clarify some of the content you currently believe as factual.  Personally, my past with Mr McAlpine lingers like the stench of rotten meet.  :)   I was once employed by a gentleman who, after my employment with him, formed a partnership with Mr McAlpine.  I couldn't tell you to what degree as i was a sales employee back then (circa 2006-2009).  This was the extend on my time with Mr McAlpine.

If you'd ever like to speak by phone and "clear the air", so to speak, i believe we'd have much more in common with regards to our experience(s) with Mr McAlpine than you think.  If you are the proprietor of the tech muse or tempisfugit (sp?), i can already tell you that I could provide you much more accurate information that what you have up there.  I could most likely help to validate also what is factual.  I would also appreciate remaining anonymous if I did. so.

Martin, please feel free to contact me anytime as if we did run through some Q&A, it could be done better by phone as i am a horrible typist.  

If not, it is no consequence to me as we are more bystanders in this whole thing, getting a glimpse every now and then as to what MrMcAlpine is up to...

I guess this was from another of one of 7 billion that have had no problems with Wayne McAlpine. When Wayne works out who this email was from I am sure that he will add him/her to his list of "complicitors".

The "falsehoods" that the author of this email refers are the statement that I made that Core Data Recovery was the new face of OneWorld. Given this revelation I can see why those at CoreData were not happy with this. This is obviously not the case. However CoreData were in operation from The Innovation Place in Saskatoon. The connection to USASK was certainly not through Wayne McAlpine! In fact the Innovation Place aspect of Wayne's façade has crumbled. So much for all the "good things" that Wayne has done for mankind.

Next myth to be dispelled is the immobiliser nonsense.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Why am I so obsessed?

There is no reason that I should have a continued interest in a particular person or his business. Perhaps it is just that I have time on my hands?

Perhaps it is not an obsession, maybe it is just that I am trying to create a "smoke screen" to cover up and divert attention from the dastardly deeds that I have been up to over the years? In some ways I wish that was true!

When I started this blog I had no idea that it would generate the interest that it did. All I was doing was posting a few of my observations. There was no real agenda and definitely no business interest in it. It amuses me that now because of things that I have posted, true or otherwise, stories have been fabricated abut me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More money on the table for the divorce

We have to decide on how much before we can think of discussing what we can do with the kids!