Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Council Houses

Okay, I should really be calling them Affordable Housing. I am not sure if I would want to live here if I had to be near them. There is a section of the village where these exist, but they are on the other side of the Hall, we are not really in the village but next to the Hall and parish church.

It is like there are two worlds here. A definite division between the "haves" and the "have-nots". Although this doesn't seem to be the case with car ownership, quantity that is, the value is far less. Admittedly this is exacerbated by the lack of off-street parking but for a street where there is little space to start with it is difficult to navigate. This really is no different than all the roads around here.

The reason I was there was that I was cleaning up the bus shelter and inspecting the telephone box, which the parish council now own. The shelter was getting a little overgrown and the clerk had received a complaint. I decided to give it a good clean-out while the Village Hall Committee meeting  was in session.

The locals that I did see seemed to be a little bemused why I was doing what I was doing. "Aren't the Council responsible for that?" I guess that was what triggered the title of this post.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Information for CRA

Part of an email I received 28th November 2016

Again the highlighted text is part of the email:

As I mentioned, we have a substantial amount of information collected regarding Wayne's 'dubious business' :) practices over the years. This has not been submitted to the CRA yet, but with the tax season around the corner, I will ensure it is. It is frustrating to me that Wayne continues to get away with his crimes. I hope that CRA involvement will have an impact... However you decide to proceed, I thank you for your past efforts. I do check in or your site once in a while to see if there is anything new posted. This has helped us to add to the information we have collected over the years.

..... and there is nobody else that has a problem with him?!

Of course, Wayne will just claim that this is just me inventing "inflammatory" and falsified information again!

Wayne McAlpine continues to be interested in what I post about him. He thinks that I have an interest in the automotive industry - I don't.

I need to post more photos

Problem is that I take them on the Surface and I have forgotten my Google password. I could reset it but I am too lazy to get my partners mobile phone so that I can receive a text with the code that I will need to reset it. In any case my Lenovo is permanently logged in and I don't want to change the login just for that.

I have a lot more of the house and garden to post. I even have one of the centrifugal clutch, showing where the spring is fitted and so that I can see where it is when I finally get the part and I have to take it apart again. I guess I could still use the trimmer with the clutch permanently engaged if I am careful with it. Still, the best bet with nettles is to pull them by the root.

The "back forty" is looking much better now that I have got the Blackthorn under control. I have had a few bonfires now and the one last week was alight from Monday until Saturday. The pheasants are having a field-day with all the ash in the old fire. I have a new one on the other side past where the thicket was. Some old raggedy cedars have been taken down and I can now see the fields beyond the lower drain much better. There was much activity yesterday taking the hay bails away to be stored. I also thing that the farmer was also checking to see where all the chainsaw noise and smoke was coming from.

I really need to get back to dredging the pond and the Bergamot is growing back around the western bank. The ducklings seem to have moved on as I have not seen them for a couple of days. I can also continue with clearing the stream and the lower pond as that was popular with Mrs. Duck and her 3 youngsters. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Centrifugal clutch

The spring on the centrifugal clutch on my "Whip-a-Snipper" (Strimmer in the UK) broke and the head rotates continuously. I don't think that it is safe and I have ordered a replacement. The Blackthorn thicket is coming on quite well but I cannot strim the groind I have exposed. Still, pulling nettles out by the root is probably for the best.

I can now see into the field at the foot of the property. The farmers were harvesting hay on the weekend and there are now a nice arrangement of plastic wrapped bales in view now. Maybe we will see some horses or cows in the fields now.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Your silence IS a weakness

You made the statement that I should not interpret your silence as a weakness. The fact that I did not contact you during the period from 2011 to 2016 was that I was aware that you were lurking as I was monitoring your visits to my website. I was just continuing my research into your antics and posting what I found to the Internet. So you weren't so silent as saw your interest in what I was saying.

I agree with Anthony Mannella that there was very little to be found about your dubious businesses on the Internet and that it could be concluded that I was the only one with a problem with you. I counter that with the statement that nobody else had the balls to call you out on what you have been up to over the years. What continues to puzzle me is why? I certainly have come across others that seem to have fallen victim to your devious ways, and some of them have communicated with me about you. In most cases they are not comfortable in making a statement against you. Or perhaps they are not in a position to do so and fear what you would do if they did?

I really cannot fathom what makes a person like you tick. All I did was make an innocent comment about a data recovery service that I thought was a little optimistic and then here we are 6 years later and you cannot get over it! While it is true that neither can I, but in some ways I am enjoying all this. I don't know what motivated someone to register domain names in those of people they want to discredit and then to post a whole load of irrelevant nonsense on them. Much of the content is made-up and by the single nature of its presentation it is clear to anyone finding it that you are pretty much just a "One Trick Pony".

By the way, how is the correspondence with the Suffolk churches going? I would be very interested in seeing some of the replies. Perhaps you can publish some of them to your websites about me? In the absence of any real ones you could always make some up!

As far as my interest in matters regarding security and privacy, I guess you have a point that it could be seen as a way of creating a "smoke-screen" to deflect interest from the other misdeeds that I may be perpetrating. The only problem with that is there are none. My interest is genuine and is a commentary on the nonsense that I see reported in the press. My point about the "One-Trick-Pony" serves to illustrate that there are any topics that are of interest to me as anyone who visits my sites will see. It is not ALL about you!