Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Minimal torrc file

This post will describe what you need to place in the Vidalia Tor configuration file, torrc, so that you can force Tor to make its final exit and access to the Internet at a desired location.

Doing this you can make your web access to appear to be at that location as opposed to a random location as selected by the default installation of Tor. In this way you can access some of the material that is restricted by GeoIP limitations.

An example of the contents of a minimal torrc file can be found on my post for getting Tor to use an ExitNode in a specific country.


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The Technology Muse said...

An example of a "Minimal torrc file" can be seen on my post:
"How to determine and configure Exit Nodes".

There are also other posts that relate to the exiting of Tor in specific geographic locations. You will have to search this blog for those.